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The Mazzon company was born 65 years ago from grandfather Pietro’s passion for watches then carried on by his son Gaudenzio. Having lost his father when he was only 13, Gaudenzio began to work as a “shop boy” in a well-known shop in Padua, there he learned the artisanal and rudimentary techniques of gold processing and watch repair, then refined over time with a lot of experience and passion.
Gaudenzio, after many years, decides to open his own business becoming one of the reference points of watchmaking and goldsmithing in the Alta Padovana. Subsequently, flanked by his sons Juric, Paolo and Simone, he expands his business by providing customers with a craftsmanship and assistance service.
After the retirement of their father, consistent with this philosophy, in 2004 the three brothers became equal partners by changing headquarters and company name, thus “Mazzon Gioielli Snc” was born which continues in the goldsmith and watchmaking works but at the same time makes use of of the studies of the three brothers, combining craftsmanship and values handed down for generations with the technology of modern times, realizing all your dreams, directly in our laboratories, thus passing from the producer to the consumer, an added value that, in these times, few are able to offer. Three brothers who work together with passion and professionalism, this is Mazzon Gioielli Snc.

Brand name

In 2020, the demand for our handmade and hand-finished jewelery products increased and deserved an identity, so we decided to patent the GAUROSA brand. Gaurosa was born from the idea of combining the names of our parents: Gaudenzio and Rosanna, a recognition that we liked to give them with the meaning of family union.


Our Design takes inspiration directly from the needs and requests of  clients. Our staff listens  their jewelry desires, he studies and takes care of every little detail, transforming a dream  in a work of art.